These are the easy ways to increase the battery life of iPhone, run it for a long time


Tech News Desk – Apple company gives better battery life in all its devices. In such a situation, if you are an iPhone user and are worried about the battery life of the handset, then this information is very important for you. Today we will tell you how you can increase the battery life of your iPhone and how to use it for a long time. Let us tell you that the Apple company has also created a page on its website for its users, on which it shares information about tips to increase the battery life of the device. Here we will tell you how you can increase the battery life of iPhone. For this follow these steps.

Increase iPhone battery life like this
For this, first of all keep the software of your iPhone updated. To update the iPhone, first go to the Settings option, click on General, then click on Software Update. Adjust the brightness of the screen. The brightness of the phone’s screen makes a lot of difference in increasing the battery life, so always keep the auto brightness on in your device.

Enable Low Power Mode: You can also enable low-power mode on your phone. In this case, whenever your phone’s battery is less than 20 percent, it will send you a notification. After this, from here you can turn on the low power mode. For this, first go to Settings and click on Battery, then go to Low Power Mode and turn it on.

Turn off background apps: Always close the apps running in the background without need in the phone. For this, first go to the setting of the phone and click on the option of General. Then click on the Background App Refresh option and select the Off option.

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