The stock of iPhone 14 Pro Max is full in just 10 thousand! People said and make it cheaper then they will buy


Mobile News Desk – Nowadays everyone wants to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, although due to its cost in lakhs, buying it remains a dream for some people. However, now this dream of the people is being fulfilled in just Rs 10,000. Actually people are buying it at a very affordable price. But from where is the iPhone 14 Pro Max getting so cheap, this question is going on in people’s mind and people want the answer to this question so that they too can buy it and save thousands of rupees. Actually there is a market place which is selling iPhone at such a cheap price.

The market place we are talking about is actually Facebook Marketplace, where sellers sell their products directly on the online platform. Let us tell you that this platform is used to buy and sell all kinds of products. All the models of iPhone are also available here and now the limit is over as the iPhone 14 Pro Max is being sold on this platform for just ₹10000. Knowing this, the customers must have been shocked and they will not be able to do it. Know how cheap phones can be sold like this.

Let us tell you that the model of iPhone 14 Pro Max which is being sold on Facebook Marketplace for just ₹ 10000 is actually the first copy of iPhone or you can also call it Replica model. If you want to understand in more easy language, you can also call it fake iPhone, which looks exactly like iPhone 14 ProMax, but there is no guarantee how long it will last, even its features like camera and display There is no guarantee either. Real. The iPhone 14 doesn’t live up to the ProMax. In such a situation, if you buy them, then it can prove to be a loss deal for you.

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