The phone will explode like a bomb in summer! Use this trick while going out, you will remain cool and cool


Tech News Desk – There are many cases of smartphone blast in summer. Due to overheating the smartphone is affected due to overheating. Talking on the phone, messaging becomes very difficult in the summer season. Not only this, it can also be dangerous in many circumstances. If your phone is getting hot in summer then you can cool down the phone by adopting these tips. Just like you hide in the shade to avoid the heat, so does your phone. Do your best not to leave it in direct sunlight, as sunlight can heat it up very quickly. Even if you are at home, do not keep it near the window. Do not keep under blanket.

There is no doubt that mobile cover keeps our phone safe. It is considered best in winters. But use it a little carefully in summer. Remove the cover when you are using the phone at home or office. Because keeping a hot phone pack can prove to be dangerous. Lower your screen brightness as much as possible. This will use less battery, which will cause the device to heat up less.

The phone can get hot due to continuous use of the phone. If the phone gets hot in summer then there are more chances of it bursting. If you do not need to talk to people for some time, then maybe you can put your device in airplane mode. In gaming phones, there are overclocked modes which enhance the performance of the phone. If you do not know whether your phone has such a mode or not, then check it.

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