Battery and memory will no longer be a problem, 2 new features in Google Chrome, you must also read


Tech News Desk – If you use Google Chrome for office or your school work then there is good news for you. Actually, two new features have come in Google Chrome which will save your battery and memory. Google has added the feature of Energy and Memory Saver Mode in Chrome. This update has been released for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux. Know about this new update.

You will notice two new features of Google Chrome inside the Performance tab. Google Chrome’s memory saver feature removes inactive tabs from memory and keeps only the tabs you’re working on. This way the system memory is saved and you can work faster. When the user revisits these active tabs, they are saved back to memory. The new feature also allows users to manually add websites where they want Memory Saver to be active at all times.

You will also find the Energy Saver feature inside the Performance tab. As soon as you turn on this feature, it will reduce the battery consumption. Actually, as soon as this feature is on, background activity, animation and video frame rate and smooth scrolling etc. are stopped, which reduces battery consumption. You can turn on the Battery Saver feature in two ways.

First when the system battery will get down to 20% and second when your system is not charging. That is, after selecting either of these two options, Chrome will automatically turn on Energy Saver Mode. This latest update of Google Chrome has come on Chrome V110. However, the new update is still not visible to some users. This is because the company is rolling it out in a phased manner.

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